Sunday, 28 January 2018

Cancelled this Feb - Vanda Taylor Nottingham with her badge making and decorating stitch club next year

Vanda and badge making
What interests me about making button badges is pushing the boundaries between the related decorative areas of costume jewellery, fabric art and embroidery. To me the mundane button badge a throw away item that has been used for decades to advertise products and companies still has its full potential to be realized. All that is needed is the imagination to re-evaluate this humble item and with an open mind to explore ideas in a wide variety of materials and techniques.

The badges you make in the Stitch Club Workshop can be decorative and worn in groups and clusters to added a theme/colours to a plain tee shirt or jumper. They could also be for a special occasion i.e. birthday, anniversary, new baby etc. and be to attach to greeting cards. They could also be miniature works of art that play with the idea of combining different surfaces and techniques and like the exquisite miniatures of Nicolas Hilliard  (1547-1619)  are objects in their own right. 

For a little girl I know, whose name is Penny, I made a badge based on the old pre-decimalisation Britannia coin and added it to her Xmas card. This same little girl has her birthday near Halloween. I made her some luminous badges and added these to her birthday card- I should perhaps add Penny was very pleased with them.


work in process

what you will need

Paper and fabric scissors – medium and small
Fabrics – thin cotton print or plain, voile, sheer, silk and other fine fabrics
Decal/sticker images – no larger than 2 inches and could be much smaller
Pictures from magazines/newspapers no larger than 2 inches across
Wrapping paper, tissue paper, sweetie papers
Selection of cotton embroidery threads (six strand)
Tiny beads, sequins, lace, ribbons
Gold and silver felt tipped pens/ fabric crayons
while Vanda can provide many of these materials but you might have something you would enjoy putting into a badge