Tuesday, 17 September 2019

First stitch club of the season. 19th Oct 2019 Beach tide line; collage, stitch and glue with Kate Steane

I am suggesting three possible projects - please bring anything with you that you think might work. I will have plenty of materials for all. You can focus on one or more of these projects, or create you own version of sand, sea and tide lines - these are just a few of my interpretations.

Hand stitch – calico and embroidery threads with needle, scissors and net

Collage – calico (as backing), variety of fabrics suitable for sea and beach; fleece to roll into pebbles, upholstery trimmings (seaweed), lace (foam at edge of sea), shells, net, hessian, old rope. needle and thread, glue (pritt stick type and bostik type are useful), scissors.

Layer and reveal, off white cotton or cotton polyester as sand (to cut holes in), pebble coloured cloth (to be underneath), light blue net or sheer to act as sea. Glue (as above) or use bondaweb (I will bring an iron) and scissors. If you are worried about fraying pebble holes, use a bit of PVA glue around edge. Lace trimming as foam.

No need to bring machines to the stitch club; you can add machined stitch and further hand stitch at home.

If you don’t fancy having a go, then bring along your own work and enjoy the company.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Geology and Fossils - Kickstart Exhibition for most of September

Geology and Fossils

Embroidery Exhibition

The National Stone


1st - 28th September 10-5

Porter Lane, Wirksworth,

Derbyshire, DE4 4LS

East Midlands

Embroiders' Guild

Friday, 16 August 2019

Stitch Club Programme for 2019 to 2020, all at Thomas Garrett Rooms, Heighington, 10-3

19th Oct 2019 Beach tide line; collage and stitch with Kate Steane (change of date) 
16th Nov 2019 Suffolk puffs with Monika Leaman
18th Jan 2020 felt pictures with Robyn Smith
15th Feb 2020 Blackwork with Mary Paulger (change of date)
21st Mar 2020 Pyramid pin cushion and scissor holder with Judith Snaith
18th Apr 2020 Iron on Transfers with Vanda Taylor Nottingham
16th May 2020 Marbling fabric with Julie Wallhead
20th June 2020 Kathy Paton has offered to think of something
25th July 2020 spinning wool with a spindle with Sheila Walker

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Christine Plummer – Brusho 27th July 2019 Skellingthorpe Rd

The aim of the day is to make several sheets of decorative paper that can be reused for other projects or they can be made into a book.

- Brusho (you can share mine for a small cost)
- Jars if you are using your own Brusho
- Brushes, sponge brushes
- Small spoon
- Kitchen knife
- Wallpaper, lining paper, (you can buy some from me)
- Luggage labels, lace threads ribbon (these must be cotton) any other interesting papers
- Pastels, Inktense pencils, Wax crayons - (Don't buy any of these specially, just bring what you have).
- Plastic and paper to cover tables
- 4-5 old plastic carrier bags
- Rubber gloves and pinney

Monday, 27 May 2019

15 June 2019 Jacqui Armitage's stitch club - Tambour stitch

Tambour hooks are being provided. Bring a sit on frame if you have one - if not we will manage by wedging the hoop.

We’ll be starting on net to learn the stitch so that everyone can see exactly what to do.  If people then want to practice it a bit more on material they can, and then we’ll move to organza for the bead work. 

You can then make a brooch, a decoration for the hair, or a ‘badge’ to sew on some clothing.

Fabric and threads - detail from Jacqui
Natural fibres are best to work on because they give and then go back into shape.  If you have any net to do the initial practicing of the stitch on, that would be good, although I will be bringing fabrics and net with me.  I’ve even used tight woven cotton/silk mixes that were curtain samples!  In theory you should be able to tambour on practically anything.  You must have the fabric in a hoop though, you just can’t work it without it being under tension.  Threads you can use anything, sewing cotton, metallic etc, but I reckon the easiest thing to start with is DMC coton a broker no 12.  I’ve also used beading thread when putting beads on.