Friday, 11 September 2020

Julie's work during the summer 2020

 I have been making face coverings to keep busy etc. Then the husband suggested I marble some fabric for face coverings.   

I also took up a millinary challenge.   Then realised I had my dates mixed up.  One element had to be recycled.   So whilst sitting in a caravan at chapel st Leonard's with no plans on cooking food etc.  I decided to make flowers from unused dog poo bags.  Amazingly we don't own a dog just borrow one every so often.  But I find they are a useful size for bin bags when there.  And we had 4 different colours.

The use of sinamay was interesting.  

The facebook page for the lady who did them was inspiring creative millinary group.  It might be worth a think for a stitch club sometime.  

Friday, 31 July 2020

Japanese patchwork 19th Sept 2020 with Kate Steane

Judith and I have had a chat about our first meeting 19th September at Thomas Garrett Rooms in Heighington – from 10-3. No need to re-join the group this year as we are stretching membership from 2019-2020 to July 2021. But if you decide to come along you will need to pay the £5 group fee as normal. We will discuss the year's programme at the first meeting.

We have decided to go for Japanese patchwork, hand sewn double sided patches for our first meeting of the year. For this you will need patterned cotton for the outside and plain cotton which will go well with the pattern colours for the inside. You will need embroidery threads to contrast or match your colours; it is sometimes good to try a bright contrast. I will provide two cardboard templates for all of us.  See the blog for examples

Pattern cotton fabric (about 1/2m for bag or waistcoat)

Plain cotton fabric (about 1/2m for bag or waistcoat)

Matching/contrasting threads

Sewing kit – scissors, pins and needles

If you have any problems please contact Kate by email,

The chairs will be all plastic, so you may need a cushion. Bring your own mug, tea or coffee (or what you will), your own tea towel/kitchen roll, your own milk and teaspoon, biscuits, lunch (your own cutlery). Bring masks for any closer contact with others.

As you may have realised the September exhibition is cancelled

Please get back to me by email and let me know if you plan to come and if so whether you will give the Japanese patchwork a go, or bring your own work to the day. By the end of August we have Kate, Judith, Vanda, Julie, Joan, Monika, Jacqui, Bron, Kathy and Anne G (and Sheila not till 2021) - and there may be a couple of others yet to get back to me.

All the best, Kate

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Scrub bags - a call to support staff in care homes by Ann Roberts

A friend of mine has been making scrub bags to give to the staff in care homes and I have started helping her. She has already supplied care homes in Lincoln,word has spread and she now has orders in Lincolnshire.We wondered if you could help us out by making a few. 


A drawstring bag     19 inches x 24 inches

Need to be made from poly cotton weight material   eg old sheets, duvet covers or table cloths

They should made with a French seam - 1inch +   seam at the top

There needs to be a button hole at each seam position or open the seam.

Approx 2 meters of washable cord for one drawstring.

These bags are used by front line carers. At the end of the shift they put their working clothes in the bag and put the whole lot in the washing machine.
All the nasty little bugs are contained and drowned in soapy water!

I am really missing stitch club and hope one day we can start up again 
Love to you all  Ann Roberts 
contact Ann or Kate for Ann's phone numbers

from Judith - I will make some scrub bags. How many is Ann wanting? Does she have a target number? I have looked on different web sites for ideas. One lady suggested that you make them in twos and wash them after you made them, ironed them and put them in a polythene bag so that each person was given two and that they were clean and ready to go. If you could let me know I will gladly make some and if you could let me know what to do with them after I have made them.

reply from Ann
We have no target for bags,we just keep going while they are needed.No need to wash them just put them all together in a plastic bag.I imagine when the care home gets their order they will put them all in the wash.Sara's husband has a motor bike and is very happy to be our courier,he will come and collect the bags  from your house.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Working at home May to June 2020

Bron Williams started this piece during our Blackwork stitch club, run by Jaqui Armatge

Violets with leaves stitched by Mary Paulger

brooches with Harris Tweed by Kate Steane, inspired by Alex McQuade's work  at the NCCD, Sleaford in 2011.

Please send me photos of your work to put on the blog, thanks

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Working at home March to April 2020

Mary Paulger and her latest crewel work

I love bats by Kate Steane

Felted pictures by Kathy Paton, now framed

Mary Paulger's crewel work, just off the hoop

Mary Paulger's crewel work - ran out of the colours she needs

8 by 5 inches, tapestry weaving by Kate Steane

send me photos of your work too for the blog