Sunday, 31 March 2013

Zoe Zegula in Lincoln - Friday 22nd March 2013

We were shown a huge variety of techniques and ideas including ribbon fabric, contour quilting, textured surface with internal cording, crackle with wax and indigo dye, layering up, stitching and cutting back with a chenille cutter using fabric paint on Perspex – pulling fabric away to achieve irregular patterns, inking up and printing with leaves, creating crinkle touch petals, layering sheer to create shadow, using frayed edges for grasses, machining fabric with images and creating coastal landscapes with horizontal strips of lace, scrim and hessian in a portrait frame. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hardanger with Jacqui Armitage; Stitch Club 16th March 2013

Young Embroiderers, Saturday March 16th

We had an excellent day with Robyn producing these lovely felted gadget bags. In the morning the children made two pieces of felt. Robyn had brought in her Wool carder so the children could have a go at mixing the coloured wool fibres.

After lunch we stitched the dried felt pieces, embellishing them with top stitching and making a felt bead for the fastener.

                                                                                            Michele Maloney