Wednesday, 3 December 2014

29th November 2014 Liz Welch - Friendly Plastic Workshop

With hot water in shallow heated trays, strips of plastic and gentle heat guns and the guidance of Liz Welch we learnt some of techniques possible with this material.

Here are some of pieces we produced.

28th November Liz Welch - Friendly Plastic

Liz had a display of her work and gave us a talk and a demonstration showing us the potential of 'Friendly Plastic'; she had brought many items for sale from her shop with her too.

Her Blog is

Her Shop is

Here are some examples of her work

15 November 2014 Mary Paulger's stitch club - Bargello

31st October Bronwyn Fleming - Design: Interpreting a Theme

Bronwyn gave an inspiring illustrated talk which led me to mull over new ideas in both technique and style. Her extensive familiarity with leading textile artists meant that I too could explore their work – Helen Banzhaf and textile pots, Karen Nicol and her beautiful cat with flowers up his back, Sandra Meech and her incredible pieces, Rosie James figures and Gilda Baron’s gardens and landscapes.