Wednesday, 3 December 2014

29th November 2014 Liz Welch - Friendly Plastic Workshop

With hot water in shallow heated trays, strips of plastic and gentle heat guns and the guidance of Liz Welch we learnt some of techniques possible with this material.

Here are some of pieces we produced.

28th November Liz Welch - Friendly Plastic

Liz had a display of her work and gave us a talk and a demonstration showing us the potential of 'Friendly Plastic'; she had brought many items for sale from her shop with her too.

Her Blog is

Her Shop is

Here are some examples of her work

15 November 2014 Mary Paulger's stitch club - Bargello

31st October Bronwyn Fleming - Design: Interpreting a Theme

Bronwyn gave an inspiring illustrated talk which led me to mull over new ideas in both technique and style. Her extensive familiarity with leading textile artists meant that I too could explore their work – Helen Banzhaf and textile pots, Karen Nicol and her beautiful cat with flowers up his back, Sandra Meech and her incredible pieces, Rosie James figures and Gilda Baron’s gardens and landscapes.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Liz Welch - Friendly Plastic Workshop

Our next Workshop is on Saturday 29th November with Liz Welch and we will be experimenting with Friendly Plastic.

Time:  10:00 - 3:30
Cost:  £25 to Lincoln Bailgate members, £30 to non members.
Venue: Lincoln Bailgate Methodist Church  Hall, Bailgate, Lincoln
Please bring a packed lunch
Limited parking available.
If interested, please contact Jacqui Armitage on 01522 753670
Details and requirements below:

We will be making buttons and beads and textured motifs, creating patchwork, making lace and generally exploring some of the very many possibilities Friendly Plastic has to offer textile folk.  You will learn some of the techniques that are my own discoveries, including Oooze! And lacework.  This is a day of sampling ideas, you will go home with lots of techniques under your belt, ready for you to develop to suit your own creative directions.  Whether they are in textiles, jewellery or papercrafting, Friendly Plastic will go where you want it to, and mix really happily with much of your existing crafting stash.

You need to know that there is a cost involved in that you will need some Friendly Plastic.  I have plenty for you to buy n the day [at a very good price!], you will probably need about £5-£6 worth approximately, but beware, you may get the bug and want more!  Of course you can share your purchasing with a friend to make your colour choices go further and reduce the overall cost to you.  I will bring my mobile shop with lots of useful things you might be interested in. I look forward to meeting you on the day.  Please note I cannot take cards, but will take cheques and cash.

Items marked with * can be borrowed or ** bought on the day
  • Aluminium foil [good quality strong stuff]
  • Work surface – old chopping board, 6mm window glass, rubber mat*
  • Non-stick craft mat [not a cutting mat], the sort you can use in baking as well*
  • Ball ended embossing tool or other round ended metal, glass or ceramic tool with a smooth end of about 2 – 4mm across*
  • Needle tool, sometimes known as a quilling tool or pokey tool*
  • Good strong sharp scissors*
  • Heat gun*
  • Metal, glass, PME or ceramic rolling pin – 10” piece of 1-2” copper central heating pipe works well*
  • Metal sugarcraft cutters*
  • Rubber stamps, metal or glass buttons or anything else that will make impressions [nothing plastic though]*
  • Any Friendly Plastic you may have **
  • Plastic container for cold water [old ice cream container is fine] You will need one between 2 people
  • Old hand towel
  • Paper towels /kitchen roll
  • Tiny amount of cooking oil [a thimble full] or Vaseline
  • Bamboo Skewers [not wooden ones please]*
  • Soldering iron or hot stencil knife*[VERY optional!!]

Pleases bring a very small amount of the following:
  • Chiffons [preferably synthetic] – your choice of colours
  • Any fabrics, ribbon etc with holes in – net, lace, very fine sheets of Angelina fibres
  • Assortment of beads, buttons, and flat backed cabochon style beads [optional]

BRING WHAT YOU CAN; DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN’T. I can lend you all the tools for the day, and everyone is usually very good about sharing their bits and bobs.  So if you have trouble bringing things, please shrug it off, and just bring yourself and your enthusiasm.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Chicken scratch stitch club with Jacqui Armitage on Saturday 18th October

Alison Larkin and traditional hand embroidery, 26th Sept 2014

Alison has a background in biology and her more modern work uses RNA diagrams, but most of her embroidery is traditional and often miniature too.

She enjoys using Chinese silk thread (Silk Mill) and with her gold work, passing thread (Benson and Johnson) for the intricate braiding.

A current project is reconstructing Elizabeth Cook's embroidered waistcoat for Captain Cook (1770s); the fabric used was tapa cloth (beaten and glued bark). This is part of the cover for a pocket.

For more information see

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Young Embroiderer's September Meeting

The Young Embroiderers met on Saturday 20th September for a class on patchwork, run by Lincoln Bailgate member Julia Welch.  It was well attended and some stunning patchwork was created:

Based on a Christmas theme, members created a panel for display.  Well done everyone!

Friday, 11 July 2014

National Celebration of Stitch: The Collection weekend 2nd/3rd August 10-4

Guild members from both Bailgate and Lincolnshire branches will be stitching their own projects and talking to visitors about them. There will be squares of felt available for adults and children to decorate with stitches and beads. Some members work will be on display.

Hats on Heads Friday 27th June 2014

To find out more about them, look at their website.

No photos are so far available of this event. If you have any you would be happy for us to use, then email them to

thanks, Kate

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Monday, 31 March 2014

Lynda Monk's workshop Saturday 29th March 2014

We started in the morning with the iron and then gesso and back to the iron

In the afternoon we used thermafax screens and heat guns.

Lynda Monk's evening talk Friday 28th March 2014

Lynda described how she achieved these effects with selections from pelmet vilene, lutradur, tyvek, evalon, xpandaprint, heat gun melting, foil, tissue, paint, laser printing, thermafax screens and bondaweb.

Julia Welch (in Jacqui's footsteps) achieves completion