Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Brushstrokes with stitch by Sheila Walker - Stitch club Saturday 18th May 2019 at Skellingthorpe Rd (not the 17th)

starting at 10, ending at 3


Image for your inspiration. Choose something with clear brushstrokes. Van Gogh is a good one.
Base fabric. Fairly open weave will allow for thicker threads.
Embroidery hoop- optional.
Rule and pencil
A variety of threads in various thicknesses. Novelty yarns can be interesting.
Needles to suit your threads and usual sewing kit

Heat on Fabric stitch club - some work 27/4/19

Friday, 12 April 2019

Heat on Fabric - stitch club by Kate Steane 27th April 2019, Heighington Thomas Garrett Rooms 10-3

Heat on Fabric – three projects

Use a heat gun to create bubbles; decorate with beads 

 Iron on disperse dyes with paper stencils

With a soldering iron make marks, holes and seal one fabric to another

Please bring
Metal tray if you bring your own heat gun or soldering iron
Scissors for fabric
Small scissors for cutting your own paper stencils

Optional  - I will have some to share
Kunin felt (also known as acrylic or synthetic felt)
Synthetic lining material in colours of your choice
Polyester organza (sheer) in colours of your choice

I will provide
Dry papers spread with disperse dyes (also known as transfer dyes)
A range of paper stencils
Polyester cotton
Iron and old towel
Small metal pastry cutters
Synthetic lining material in limited colours
Some Kunin felt
Tyvek already coloured
Lutradur already coloured
Some polyester organza/sheers
Metal cutters
Oven gloves
Baking parchment
Iron and towel
Soldering iron and holder
Heat gun and stand
Beads – seed beads and larger ones
Beading needles
Nymo thread
Craft knife
Cutting board