Friday, 5 January 2018

Robyn Smith's stitch club - Using carder and embellishers: Requirements list for 20th Jan

I’ll bring loads of bits as usual and my embellisher and drum carder which people are able to use and dry felting needles. If anyone has an embellishing machine or drum carder bring it along.

If people bring a selection of:
felt pieces
Silk fabric
Chiffon’s or organza
Muslim, scrim etc
Wool fabrics
Printed fabric
Wool tops
Silk tops
Yarns and threads
Beads sequins to further embellish
Sewing kit and scissors

You don’t have to have all these. I will bring plenty of bits as well.
Depending on the number of embellishers or people we will try and makes a small panel that can be inserted in a bag or book cover.