Sunday, 9 April 2017

Anne Goodall's outings April 2017

I’ve treated myself to two outings in the last two weeks, both very worthwhile.  Last week, after seeing the page on Facebook I drove down to Digby Fen to have a look at Spindle Cottage Workshop. (NB to anyone who might try to find it: just use the postcode, LN4 4DT, and be aware that this code is shared by all the - very scattered – residences on Allens Lane. None of them have numbers, so its a matter of driving slowly past each, looking out for their sign; its on the north side of the road.  Opening hours 10-4 Tues-Fri, 10-1 Sat.)  The Workshop is an L-shaped building – put up for Georgina, the owner, by her obviously very useful husband – with the workshop area occupying the foot of the L, where there are tables, big windows and of course the important fridge, sink and kettle.  The long upright is the treasure trove of everything for patchwork and quilting mainly, though it caters for everything else you might need cotton fabric for.  I couldn’t resist buying of course, but choosing is the difficulty; talk about spoilt for choice...  She also has a programme of approx. weekly workshops, from absolute beginners to the more experienced who want to try something different.  I recognised some of the names of the people who run these, and I just might be tempted!

Then yesterday, closer to home, I went to see the ImpART Spring Fair, at the Methodist Church on St Rumpoles Street – free parking too.  (Partly lured there by Kate’s promise of cakes, and cakes there were, including a very interesting gluten-free fruit cake/teabread, which was delicious, and very fruity.)  Sadly the Fair wasn’t very well attended, and it deserved to be, since its clear a lot of hard work had gone into every stall.  I acquired a lovely crocheted shawl cum throw, which is just as warm as advertised, and is going to be worn a lot on cooler evenings this summer.