Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Christine Plummer with a practical evening where we made little books 26th July 2013

At our final meeting of the season on 26 July, Christine Plummer led a mini-workshop on book-making. She managed to give most of us individual tuition! Unfortunately there was a party in the main hall next door and the noise of that drowned out 'speaking to the group' as Chairman Jacqui discovered when she conducted the meeting! We barely heard her shout to introduce Christine Poole, EG Chairman, who had popped over from Yorkshire to chat with us informally. Some members even managed to make their books in spite of the din! There is a saying "Out-of-chaos-comes-beauty". Congratulations to everyone who persevered. Determination won out. It never ceases to amaze everyone how different the finished products turn out to be when everyone uses similar supplies to work with.

 text by Judy O'Neill