Wednesday, 24 July 2013

26th July: Friday Meeting - Mini Practical

On Friday 26th July we shall be holding our final meeting before the summer break and we are planning a practical evening:

Christine Plummer will be leading us in making books [kits can be provided at a cost of £5.00] please contact us if you require one.  Below are examples of what we hope to accomplish:

Additional Requirements List [for those who want a kit]

Old kitchen knife
Corrugated Card
Bulldog clips if you have them [Christine will bring some with her]

Requirements List [for those who do NOT want a kit]

In addition to the list above, you will also need:

Vylene or decovil, approx 7" x 10"
Bondaweb the same size as above
Papers for cover [see photo below]
A4 pages [different textures, colours etc - see photos below]