Monday, 27 September 2010

October Stitch Club - Places still available

Just to let you know, we still have some places on Kate's Stitch Club on Saturday 16th October 2010. Kate will be showing us how to do some fabric printing. The requirements list is as follows:

Image you want to stamp;
Biro, pencil and paper;
Scissors - large and small;
Craft knife and cutting board if you have them;
Newspaper for spreading around;
Usual sewing kit;
Apron and rubber/latex gloves.

Kate is also providing a kit for £1.00 per person, containing foam sheets, thick cardboard, glue, cotton fabric, acrylic paint.

There will also be available for use: iron, water spray, glass printing slabs, rollers, palette knives, wooden printing blocks, rubber stamps, brushes, cleaning cloths, toothbrushes and jars for unused paint.

If you're interested in attending, it starts at 10:00 and costs £5.00 per person. Please can you email Jacqui Armitage as soon as possible, so she can let Kate know how many kits she needs to create. Many thanks