Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bailgate AGM

It was the AGM on Friday and we have a new Committee
Chairman - Jacqui Armitage
Secretary - Lyn Rochester
Treasurer - Anne Petch
Plus - Kate Steane, Sheila Sherwood, Janet Taylor, Robyn Smith and Mary Paulger.

Following the business we had an informal 'Show and Tell' evening

Janet brought the laptop and gave a demo of the Branch and EG website and talked about 'Beaky' and 'Minerva'. Jacqui brought a lovely painting of her Harris hawk and told members how teachers had discouraged her at school. Val brought a casket that had won a prize, Catherine brought her fairy shoes and a casket. Michele talked about one of the YE Luttrell Psalter creatures and explained how it had been made. Mavis brought her colourful postcards and Jackie showed her goldwork and talked about her happy memories of needlework at school.

Thanks everyone, wish I'd remembered my camera!