Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Luttrell Psalter at the F&E Show

It took six hours to put up the exhibition, but we were very pleased with the way it looked. We had one of the largest stands at the Show.

I never expected the reaction we got - the visitors absolutely loved it. So many people said it was the best they'd seen all day.

The letters created a lot of interest and many people thought they were stitched on leather - luckily we had a little sample with us so we could explain the technique to people.

Beaky was very popular (and is thinking of setting up his own fan club). I'm sure he had a run round overnight. He does look evil doesn't he.

The 16 foot banners we had at The Collection were split up so we could include them in the exhibition. The vessels looked good and provided another dimension.

People were very interested in our work with HMP Morton Hall and were very impressed with the standard of the work.

The Young Embroiderers work also attracted a lot of attention and the visitors loved the colours and the cheekiness of the work.

WAG Screen loaned us some of the costumes from their film, but we had to leave the ploughman behind as we ran out of space. I'm sure we got some funny looks driving up the A1 with the bodies in the back of the car!
Thank you everyone who made work for the exhibition, Mavis for lending us her copy of The Psalter, to Heather for her help setting up and stewarding and to Jackie, Annette and Mary for stewarding. It's been great fun.