Sunday, 11 November 2007

Silent Auction

I have mentioned in the last few meetings that we'll be having a silent auction.

This is a method of fundraising we haven't tried before and I've been asked to provide some more information.

First of all we need some things to auction! These can be 'things' or 'pledges'.

Examples of 'things' - you could donate something you've made - eg a Christmas cake, homemade wine, a covered book, a box, or picture. Or a set of handmade cards. Or it could be a box of threads, beads, fabrics. Or it could be a book on embroidery.

Examples of 'pledges' - a pledge is something you could do for someone else. Things like showing someone how to make felt, do machine embroidery, make cards, how to use the computer (from basic email/Internet skills to using design programmes), how to use an embellisher, how to digitise designs for embroidery, how to use a computerised sewing machine, how to ..... the list is endless. Pledges can also be 'things' that you haven't made yet, but will be ready later.

So far we have
  • Machine Embroidery Lesson (Heather)
  • Paintshop Pro or Photoshop Lesson (Janet)
  • Stained Glass Lesson (Shirley)
  • Beaded Needle Case (Mary P)
  • Bottle of Sloe Gin (Shirley)
  • Carrot Cake (Mary P)
  • Jar of Chutney (Anne)
Think about the sort of things our members might be interested in and what you can do and make an offer! Just get in touch with me and I'll tell you what to do next.

How the silent auction will work

Some tables will be set out with the items being auctioned. If it is a 'thing', hopefully it will be there so you can see it. If it is a 'pledge' there will be a description on a card so you know what you are bidding for.

If you want to bid for something you will need to register your name and you will be given a number to use.

In a traditional auction, the items come out one-by-one and people bid by raising their hand.

In a silent auction, all the items are out at the same time and people record their number and how much they bid on a sheet of paper next to the item. If someone else would like to bid for the item and is prepared to pay more, they put their number and bid on the sheet .... and so it goes on through the evening.

If you know what happens on E-Bay, it is a similar process. You can watch the bids going up.

At a certain points in the evening we will announce how long is left to bid. When the bidding closes, the person with the highest bid will win the item and will pay Anne. They can take the item home with them. If it is a pledge they will need to arrange a suitable date with the donor.

At the end of the evening we'll announce how much we've raised.

I hope that has made it a bit clearer - now ..... let's have your offers!!!!