Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Join us with weaving on a picture frame run by Kathy Paton: Stitch Club 17th March 2018

To make your frame take a charity shop picture frame with equal amount of panel pins equally spaced, knocked in along short ends. Either 5mm apart or 1cm apart. Panel pins available upstairs in Wilkos; use 20mm pins or 15mm pins for smaller spacing. It is helpful to put masking tape over the frame first then mark spaces off on this. Also helps the pins not to slip.

In choosing frame size, remember that weaving starts a minimum of 6cm (2 inches) from the pins - with the same space available after the weaving. This is to enable tying off and weaving in the threads. 

Alternatively- Flying Tyger on the Cornhill sometimes have simple weaving frames at a great price. 

Warp yarn - 
smooth, strong cotton yarn. Crochet cotton is good. Neutral colour usually used but it's your choice. 
I will have warping yarn available.

Weaving yarns: 
Wools, fancy yarns and threads, fabric strips, wool roving - anything that can be woven in and out!
Thicker yarns grow faster!

I will provide weaving needles but feel free to bring your own if you have them.

Bring a cutlery fork or Afro comb.