Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Emily Notman Mixed Media Wall Hangings Workshop Saturday 27th May 2017

Emily had brought inks, paint swatch pots and mark makers and gave each of us a brown paper bag with pieces of white fabric, lace, net and lace for colouring. Our water bowls soon coloured as we wet our fabric and made the inks fainter. Many used the emulsion too. We all ended up with wet strips of coloured fabric which dried while we had lunch.

After lunch we made a sandwich with bondaweb as the bread and our layered landscape design as the filling. Emily encouraged us to never cut straight as landscapes undulated. She said she put her lightest pieces on top and the darkest on the bottom. Then iron thoroughly both sides.  Stitching with loops and fake French knots were her favourite.

What a marvellous day and a delightful tutor.