Sunday, 2 September 2007

Festival of Quilts

Had a fantastic day at the Festival of Quilts on 19th August. Turned out to be quite an adventure on the way home as we had one detour after another. We saw the sights of Birmingham, which was an unplanned addition to the day. Next time I'll take TomTom with me.

Anyway, the show was the best so far (imho) and would be the show I would choose if I had to pick only one. Excellent range of traders and exhibitors and well over a 1000 quilts to look at and admire. One day really is not enough, especially if you want to fit in any talks or workshops.

I took loads of photos - here's some of my favourites

Loved this one - reminded me of the Medieval tiles I've been working on recently. Also liked the way it combined small and large scales
The quilts were not just on the walls - clothing too. The crimson is a very soft velvet - the top layer has been cut back to reveal - beautiful
Liked the colours and the bare tree shape

I like the 'fractured' look of this one

A lot more paper was included in the quilts this year
and 'rusting' techniques were popular too
This was amazing, each piece heavily textured and cut back

This one has a black background and the fabrics have been applied in layers like contour lines - just picking out the highlights on the body - it was stunning.

The detail in this one was amazing - lots of tiny pieces
This was all machine stitched - so realistic. Being so large, you felt you could walk through the doorway
Not sure if you can make out the texture in this one. I love the trees.
Another heavily machined quilt
The photos don't really do them justice. You'll have to go next year to see for yourself.
There were lots of traditional pieced and applique quilts too.